Scheduled Blocks

With the new Gutenberg editor for WordPress (coming in 5.0), your content will be made up of blocks. Each paragraph, image, quote, heading (and a lot more) are all discrete pieces of information which Gutenberg calls blocks. WordPress natively has the ability to schedule an entire post for a specific future date and time (which… Continue reading Scheduled Blocks

Add a custom sidebar panel to Gutenberg

WordPress 5.0 will ship with a brand new content editor dubbed Gutenberg. It’s one of – if not the – largest changes to WordPress in the last… ever (?). With change comes anxiety and because this is the Internet, this particular change comes with opinions. Lots and lots of opinions. This post is going to… Continue reading Add a custom sidebar panel to Gutenberg

WordPress shortcode API breaking changes in 4.2.3

This post is not the normal faire for this blog. Normal programming will return shortly (I had to create a new category called ‘Rants’ so that says a lot, I think). I’m frustrated. I am so conflicted with the shortcodes API change. I understand it’s a security fix, and that is the trump card. I’m… Continue reading WordPress shortcode API breaking changes in 4.2.3

Namespaces in WordPress development

As more and more developers come into the WordPress space (a truly wonderful thing) — many of whom transition from other ecosystems — I often hear or read about how antiquated those developers find WordPress coding practices. You don’t have autoloading? Or dependency management? Or… you get the idea. “Wait… you can’t even use Namespaces in WordPress… Continue reading Namespaces in WordPress development

From PHP-FPM to HHVM on Ubuntu

As a developer I enjoy using the latest and greatest…things. And, as a WordPress developer, I enjoy seeing how I can use the latest and greatest with the content management system I use on a day-to-day basis. Today I moved this very site from using PHP to HHVM. Here’s how.

Setting up WordPress on HHVM on Digital Ocean

Note: This is a long tutorial (Over 4500 words) on how to set up WordPress on HHVM deployed with Capistrano and Composer. The actual process took me about an hour from start to finish. I’ve tried to be as complete as I could, but please leave comments if you see anything wrong or things that… Continue reading Setting up WordPress on HHVM on Digital Ocean