ZSH or Oh-My-ZSH on Ubuntu

I’ve used Oh My ZSH on my mac for about 18 months ever since I read an article by Andrew Burgess on Tuts+ about customizing your command prompt. Now that I run my own VPS on DigitalOcean it’s significantly easier for me to interact with the shell if I have Oh My ZSH running. Honestly, I found it fairly tricky to install. I genuinely think that was down to my own misunderstanding oh shells in general more than anything else.


Tutorials on setting up a VPS for WordPress

As is my stated goal with this site, I’m going to writing a set of tutorials and information pieces which show how I have set up the server running this website. It’ll cover the technologies behind each stage, the reasoning as to why I chose the tools used and the benefits over the ‘normal’ way for each.

This’ll cover pretty much everything from provisioning of the hardware right through to how best to optimize assets for the front-end. The list of tutorials below doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ve actually implemented them yet, but it’s a guide for me to what I need to do 🙂

Everything is done using a DigitalOcean droplet.


Hello world!

After making a mess of this site, mainly whilst trying to add ZSH as my shell on my hosting, I had to clear everything. I have database backups, but I only had two posts. Neither of which are actually important in what I want this site to do, so I decided to start fresh.

I intend to use this site, both front-end and back-end as a guide to how I set this site up. There’ll be a series of posts dealing with items such as composer, satis, capistrano, varnish, saltstack, and a whole host of other things. Probably – more than anything – it will act as a reminder to me as to how I set this stuff up.